smart poc SMart
The smart (single method automated reading technology) is a tried and true, innovative point of care/rapid testing instrument. Its strengths are its ease of use, reliability and flexibility in day-to-day operations.
Nephstar Protien Analysis System The Nephstar system is a bench top nephelometric analyzer for rapid quantitative measurements of specific proteins in blood, urine samples.

Microplate WasherREADER
It has a 7" TFT LCD with touch screen to display 96-well test results. The Microplate Reader uses an LED light source with a life span of over 100,000 hours. It features a bichromatic, 8 channel optical system.
Weldon biotech India pvt. ltd.
WELDON over the last decade has introduced world-class products and will strive to do the same with newer technologies and products. We at WELDON have been able to maintain a consistent market growth and our business premise is based the premise "COSTOMER FIRST" with world-class products, without resorting to discount led concepts & schemes. Our success in the Indian market reflects in the number of associations we have with companies from different countries across the Globe.

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This innovative and unique technology allows, for the first time, the simultaneous measurement of immunoassays and clinical chemistry parameters including turbidimetric tests in one sample.
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