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Nephstar Protien Analysis System
The Nephstar system is a bench top nephelometric analyzer for rapid quantitative measurements of specific proteins in blood, urine samples.

HbA1C kit
—IgA kit
—IgG kit
—IgM kit
—Albumin kit
—Prealbumin kit
—A1 Acid Glycoprotein kit
—Transferrin kit
—Haptoglobin kit
—Ceruloplasmin kit
—Antithrombin III kit
—ASO kit
—RF kit
—CRP kit
—Ultra Sensitive CRP kit
—C3 kit
—C4 kit
—C1 Inactivator kit
—α1 Antitrypsin kit
—α2 Macroglobulin kit
—Apo A1 kit
—Apo B kit
—k Light Chain kit
—λ Light Chain kit
—Urine Microalbumin kit
—β2 microglobulin
—Cystatin C

—Latest design, patented technology, the real new generation
— Maximum precision and highest sensitivity
— Results can be reported within 15 seconds to 2 minutes
— A magnetic card is supplied enabling a batch specific calibration curve to be loaded into the NEPHSTAR
— Blank measurement is automatically processed in the same cuvette
— Calibrated against the International Reference Material
— Electronic Pipette with dilution mode is presented
— Ready to use reagents, Including the latex antiserum
— Temperature controlled reaction chamber

—Measurement Method: Fixed-time nephelometry
—Light Source: Diode laser
—Operating Temperature: 15-30°C
—Dimensions: 270W*288D*130H mm
—Weight:2.9 KG
—Printer: Built-in, Thermal

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